Transforming Trust

by changing how cryptographic
keys are secured

Leveraging breakthroughs in secure multi-party computation (SMPC), Unbound protects secrets such as cryptographic keys by ensuring they never exist in complete form.

What Can Unbound Do For You?

Hybrid Cloud Key Management

Deploy Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Site Key Management – Any Key, Anywhere

Simplify key management and reduce risk with a pure-software solution that can be easily deployed on any cloud or on-premises infrastructure. Unbound Key Control (UKC) lets you protect keys in the first-ever FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated virtual HSM with hardware-level security and manage all keys across your organization through a unified interface.

Cloud Key Control

Fully Control and Manage Your Cryptographic Keys in the Cloud

Keep full control of your cryptographic keys, even while maintaining full functionality of your applications and services in the cloud. Unbound Key Control (UKC) fully abstracts key management in the cloud so you never need to use a hardware appliance again. You can instantly revoke keys with the click of a button, and receive real-time, tamper proof audit log that logs any key operation.

Virtual HSM (vHSM)

Deploy Elastic, Automated & Scalable Key Management with Unbound’s vHSM

By entrusting your data in Unbound’s vHSM, you no longer have to depend on hardware and physical infrastructure. Gain both security and elasticity, flexibility and agility to align with short and automated delivery cycles. Supporting both virtualized and non-virtualized environments, Unbound's vHSM allows you to scale up and down as you need. Setup, use and maintain in a variety of environments and application delivery models with minimal effort.

Code Signing

Sign Any Code, Anywhere with Unbound’s Code Signing Solution

You no longer need to make the tradeoff between security and usability. Unbound’s enterprise-grade code signing solution is one of a kind by protecting and managing code signing keys across all software development platforms, teams and sites in a single, consistent unified cluster.

Crypto Asset Security

Secure Your Digital Assets Across Wallets, Exchanges & Custodians

When it comes to crypto assets, security and control of your cryptographic keys is top priority. That is why banks, financial institutions, exchanges and wallets turn to Unbound's Crypto Asset Security Platform (CASP) to create and use fragmented private keys without ever unifying them, delivering both security, speed for a seamless customer experience.

Blockchain Key Management

Seamlessly Manage & Protect Your Blockchain Private Keys for Every Transaction

Unbound frees you from the burden of hardware with its enterprise-grade software-only key management and key protection platform. With one platform for any ledger, Unbound’s solution supports new blockchain cryptographic algorithms and quorum authentication schemes in any environment at any scale without the hassle of hardware.

We Create Value For Our Customers With a
Superior Solution That Combines:


HSM-Grade Protection in Pure Software Form

Unbound provides proven protection of cryptographic keys at the same level of FIPS 140-2 Levels 1 & 2 validated hardware security modules and beyond in software-only form, allowing you to eliminate dependence on hardware.

For the first time, you can control, manage, and protect digital secrets across any distributed infrastructure from a single, unified location—gain the security of hardware without the hassle of hardware.

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Enable Digital Innovation

Our elastic pure-software platform integrates, scales and adapts to your needs at digital speed.

Automate key lifecycle management with elastic key storage and processing, and develop and deliver trusted applications faster and easier than ever before.

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New Levels of Control

By splitting secrets among multiple entities, enterprises can use secrets anywhere without ever relinquishing control.

We enable a distributed model of trust based on splitting secrets across multiple entities, with a strong yet elastic and agile pure-software platform that protects secrets anywhere, even when the underlying infrastructure is untrusted.

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Be Crypto-Agile

Quickly add support for new cryptographic algorithms and fix vulnerabilities via software upgrade. Offering a crypto-agile REST API that abstracts the nuances of cryptography implementation from the developer,

Unbound lets organizations build their a cryptography infrastructure upon a foundation that can be modified and updated easily, with minimal effort.

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What They’re Saying About Us

“The rise of software-defined cryptography (SDC) has changed the risk landscape of our firm. As enterprises across industries continue to adopt cloud-based solutions, we believe that SDC will create new opportunities to build and evolve in more secure and scalable ways that hardware security modules have limited us from achieving.”
David LaBianca Chief Security Architect | Goldman Sachs
“A software based key management solution is something which has long been desired yet never seemed realistic. Now it’s finally here. Having the ability to manage keys using a software-based solution with elasticity is truly an engineer’s dream come true. Unbound’s solution is particularly amazing with its breadth of features, and its ability to integrate with different technologies that we are already using."
Anonymous Application Security Engineer | Finance Industry
“As a digital asset exchange targeted at institutions, it was vital that we could offer the very best and most secure solution for storing clients’ wallets and keys. Unlike most crypto venues, our custody service is totally segregated from the Archax exchange, and this, coupled with the unrivalled capabilities of Unbound’s technology, means we can offer exactly what institutions need. We did an extensive evaluation of the custody partners that were suitable for us and Unbound met all our requirements and more.”
Graham Rodford CEO | Archax
“MPC-based solutions offer new methods to ensure scalable, private and secure data processing and sharing.”
Gartner Hype Cycle 2018

Security Based on Mathematical Proof

Unbound's Distributed Trust Platform applies revolutionary breakthroughs in Multi-Party Computation mathematics to split secrets into parts that are never again united, completely eliminating the single point of failure for your most sensitive assets.

Explore The Math That Powers Unbound
The shares exists as a separate random share stored in separate locations
The shares are never combined at any point in time – not even when used
Secrets never exist in complete form throughout their lifecycle