Enabling Trusted Digital Innovation

Unbound allows you to work with secrets without ever exposing them, ensuring your most precious digital assets are safe – anytime, anywhere.

Unbound from security, privacy and compliance restrictions, previously out of reach digital services can now be built with unprecedented speed and scale.

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Unbound Product Suite


Control, manage and protect keys from across all sites and workloads from a single pane of glass

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Integrate a virtual secure enclave directly into any app to enable secure transactions from insecure devices

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What Can Unbound Do For You?

Software-Defined Cryptography:
Extending Digital Trust Beyond Physical Boundaries

Cryptography is the foundation of digital security and privacy, and crypto keys are the ultimate secrets as they guard your most valuable digital assets. Data protection, data privacy, authentication and trust are all based on crypto keys.

Until now, sensitive keys needed to be locked in dedicated hardware, as compromise of a single key may lead to severe business implications, destroying value and eroding trust.

Unbound ensures your keys are never exposed throughout their lifecycle, from edge to cloud and anywhere in between, without any reliance on dedicated hardware – making crypto easy, user-friendly, cost-effective and more secure

Enable New Business

Crypto keys are now safe anywhere – in any cloud, data center and on any device – mitigating security and privacy concerns and enabling creation of new digital services

Unprecedented Time to Market

The development and delivery of trusted applications has never been easier or faster. Release cycles are cut by orders of magnitude.

Achieve Security & Compliance with Lower TCO

Security and regulation compliance can now be achieved rapidly and efficiently across your entire business

Ready for the Future

Software-defined crypto means updates happen in hours or days, not months or years, guaranteeing the longevity of your critical digital assets.


The rise of software-defined cryptography (SDC) has changed the risk landscape for our firm. As enterprises across industries continue to adopt cloud-based solutions, we believe that SDC will create new opportunities to build and evolve in more secure and scalable ways that hardware security modules have limited us from achieving.

David LaBianca | Chief Security Architect | Goldman Sachs

Secure-as-Hardware Software with a
Mathematical Proof

Unbound’s vHSM technology applies revolutionary breakthroughs in Multi-Party Computation mathematics to split secrets into parts that are never again united, completely eliminating the single point of failure for your most sensitive assets.

Each private key exists as two separate random shares stored on separate locations

Key shares are never combined at any point in time – not even when used

Key material never exists in the clear at any point of its lifecycle

Push Your Boundaries:
Elastic, Scalable & Agile Crypto Infrastructure

MPC Primer

Get an in-depth explanation of how Unbound uses MPC, a mathematically proven method to secure keys on any device.

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How to Go Beyond BYOK with CYOK

Control Your Own Keys in the Cloud (CYOK) can ensure your sensitive assets remain secure even in the event of a breach.

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Unbound Key Control

Learn how Unbound Key Control, the first secure-as-hardware key management system can protect your crypto keys anywhere.

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Securing Data in Multi-Cloud Environments

Learn more about how two major banks are using Unbound to reinvent data reinvent data protection in the Digital Banking age.

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