Talya Mizrahi

Talya Mizrahi

Talya is Unbound's Marketing Project Manager. Prior to joining Unbound, she worked in marketing communications, brand management and social media at several tech start-ups. Talya excels at getting things done, period. She has a BA from Northwestern University and a MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Ep. 1 – What’s a Mathematical Guarantee & Using MPC to Keep Inputs Private | Ask the Professor

Professor Nigel Smart answers the internet most interesting questions about encryption!

The Internet challenges Prof. Nigel Smart with questions such as: “Is it possible to use MPC to compute the outcome with two or more secret inputs from a number of entities while keeping the inputs private? ” “What does it mean to have a mathematical guarantee of a cryptographic algorithm? ” “Why did you get into cryptography?”

Stay tuned for additional videos from Prof. Nigel Smart!


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