Ep. 1 – What’s a Mathematical Guarantee & Using MPC to Keep Inputs Private | Ask the Professor

Professor Nigel Smart answers the internet most interesting questions about encryption!

The Internet challenges Prof. Nigel Smart with questions such as: “Is it possible to use MPC to compute the outcome with two or more secret inputs from a number of entities while keeping the inputs private? ” “What does it mean to have a mathematical guarantee of a cryptographic algorithm? ” “Why did you get into cryptography?”

Stay tuned for additional videos from Prof. Nigel Smart!


Talya Mizrahi

Talya Mizrahi

Talya is Unbound's Marketing Project Manager. Prior to joining Unbound, she worked in marketing communications, brand management and social media at several tech start-ups. Talya excels at getting things done, period. She has a BA from Northwestern University and a MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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