Unbound introduces the first bank-level security platform for crypto assets. The blockchain key management solution leverages Unbound’s Distributed Trust Platform to create and use fragmented private keys without ever unifying them – delivering utmost security, speed and customer experience.

When Your Private Key is Used with Each Transaction You Should Be Worried

Cryptocurrencies rely on the embedding of a private key-based signature in each transaction. The compromise or loss of these private keys could render fatal results that are irreversible -- such as money loss and the erosion of business reputation. When it comes to crypto assets, security and control of your cryptographic keys is top priority.
When your private key is used each time you sign a transaction, hackers don’t have to steal it. All they need to do is use it once.
Building an exchange platform? Serving as a custodian for multiple currencies? Is your platform ledger agnostic?
Traditional HW-based cryptography appliances do not support the required algorithms and curves such as ECDSA secp256k1 and BIP 32/44.
In a software-driven world, where users expect a seamless user experience, you cannot rely on cumbersome HW tokens that can be easily lost or stolen.

Unbound Crypto Asset Security Platform

A patented Blockchain oriented, Multiparty Computation (MPC)-based crypto asset security platform that had been designed with Tier-1 global banks for secure custody and trading of crypto assets. It is an enterprise-grade, ledger-agnostic security platform, supporting flexible quorum approval structures with both human and bots as participants -- all holding only meaningless key-shares, never the private key itself.

Ledger Agnostic

Unbound blockchain oriented platform and APIs offer a multi-currency platform that supports the most widely used cryptocurrencies.
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Ledger Agnostic

Any Coin
Any Token
Any Ledger

Empowering Multiple Signers

Cryptographic enforcement of distributed approval quorum-schemes, yielding utmost security

Seamless User Experience

Eliminate hardware tokens. Use your mobile app for seamless customer experience

Crypto Agile

New BIP? New elliptic curve? We’ve got you covered and protected in days, not months or years

No Single Point of Compromise

Leveraging Multi-Party Computation to create random key shares that are never combined into a full private key

Show Me How It Works

Two software-based solutions provide a pure-software alternative to HSMs for crypto asset key management: secure multi-party computation (MPC), and multi-signature solutions. While multi-sig solutions help alleviate risks of cryptocurrency theft or fraud by requiring multiple private-key signatures by different approvers to complete a transaction, they have flexibility and efficiency limitations.
The MPC-based approval policies implemented by Unbound CASP are by far stronger, more flexible and more accommodating to the demands of bank-grade security.