A Bank-Grade Security Platform to Protect Blockchain Transactions

A B2B, pure-software solution that runs on any endpoint, server or cloud, at a security level above and beyond all existing solutions for blockchain custody and trading of crypto assets.

Tech Providers

Empower your customers to profit from emerging opportunities and market dynamics with the ultimate secure crypto asset security platform.


Increase velocity and secure your internal vaults by applying MPC-based cryptographic enforcement to transactions’ approval schemes.


Leverage a bank-grade crypto asset security platform to serve your retail and institutional customers, who are seeking crypto asset custodian and trading services.


Offer your customers a VIP service that ensures the utmost security for any type of crypto asset.

Investment Firms

Profit from investing and trading in crypto assets, while making sure that the assets are safe and secure at all times.

Ledger Agnostic

Unbound platform and APIs offer a multi-currency platform that supports the most widely used cryptocurrencies.

Generate new revenue streams

Utmost security of crypto asset transactions

Offer a seamless customer experience

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Build your own solution

Embed our developer-friendly, modular APIs into your platform to launch a crypto asset solution tailored to your unique needs.
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