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Looking for our OSS?

blockchain-crypto-mpc is an open source library released by Unbound Tech that provides the cryptographic foundation to resolve one of the hardest challenges associated with crypto asset and blockchain applications: The protection of cryptographic signing keys and seed secrets. For more information, see below or click on our Packages page to see the full scope of our open-source features.

Platform Agnostic


Flexible approval structures

The approval policy can be different according to the amount, the asset type and even the time in the day or the week. Additionally, participants in the approval policy can be inside employees, systems (e.g. AML, KYC), outside customers or trustees, human and/or machines, servers or mobile devices.

Unlimited quorum size

A customer can define any quorum-based approval scheme well beyond the default multi-sig, 2 out of 3 policy, easily extending to more advanced schemes such as 5 out of 8. No need for complicated scripting to create such schemes, just a click of a button.

Easy to replace approvers

Replacing an approver is as easy as a click of a button. No need for extra development work.

Simple and efficient

The ledger gets only one signature created using the key shares of the different approving-parties. Key shares are refreshed constantly and never exist in complete form. Not in use and not even in creation.

Ledger and asset agnostic

As the ledger gets only one signature, there is no need in using the multi-sig mechanisms of each ledger, which eliminates significant development/scripting effort needed to support new assets and currencies.

Ledger Agnostic

Unbound platform and APIs offer a multi-currency platform that supports the most widely used cryptocurrencies.