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Open Source Library
CASP for Custodians / Exchanges


ECDSA Two-Party MPC Protocol ?
EdDSA Two-Party MPC Protocol ?
Zero Knowledge Backup ?
HD Wallet (BIP 32/44) MPC Protocols ?
Proactive Security ?
Cryptography API ?
ECDSA N-Party MPC Protocol ?
EdDSA N-Party MPC Protocol ?

Transaction Participants

Server-Side SDK (Linux) ?
iOS Client SDK ?
Android Client SDK ?
Web JS Client SDK ?
Biometric authentication and authorization ?
Leveraging secure hardware as additional security layer ?

Core Security Platform

High Level Platform API ?
Platform Management ?
High Availability and Elasticity ?

Platform Services

Headquarter enrolls Vault Participants ?
Accounts and Vaults ?
Quorum Structure ?
Cryptographically Verified Risk-based Policy ?
Batch Transactions ?
Headquarter deactivates Participants ?
Global Admin Quorum ?
Advanced Vault Operations ?

Self Sovereign Wallets

Consumers can self-enroll themselves ?
Consumers define and manage their own risk-based policies ?
Consumers control the quorum structure and members ?

Ledger Agnostic

Unbound blockchain oriented platform and APIs offer a multi-currency platform that supports the most widely used cryptocurrencies.