Cyberhub Engage Podcast: An Encrypted Defense to Ransomware featuring Prof. Yehuda Lindell

CyberHub engage hosted Prof. Yehuda Lindell, Co-founder & CEO of Unbound Tech on their Friday Wrap Up discussing the latest headlines in cybersecurity. #CyberNews

Breakdown of episode:

(2:25) Defending against Sodinokibi Ransomware

(4:29) An encryption defense against Ransomware

(7:50) How to prevent Ransomware from encrypting my data?

(10:45) What tools does law enforcement need to decrypt?

(14:30) Defending against SNAKE Ransomware

(17:00) What concerns do you have in Iran’s cyber capabilities?

(20:15) A fix to the workforce shortage in cyber

Check it out!

Talya Mizrahi

Talya Mizrahi

Talya is Unbound's Marketing Project Manager. Prior to joining Unbound, she worked in marketing communications, brand management and social media at several tech start-ups. Talya excels at getting things done, period. She has a BA from Northwestern University and a MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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