CyberWeek 2017: A Busy but Fulfilling Week for Unbound (f.k.a. Dyadic Security)

CyberWeek 2017 came to Tel Aviv last week, and Unbound (formerly known as Dyadic) was a proud sponsor and host of many exciting events throughout the week. Sponsoring this major event this year was indeed an important milestone for Unbound allowing us to WOW the industry with our virtual HSM concept. And indeed, the industry stopped by our booth asking us, “What is an HSM born for the cloud?” and “Wait… Isn’t the H in HSM for Hardware? So isn’t a software hardware security module an oxymoron?”

What makes CyberWeek so unique?

Dyadic Booth at Cyber Week

CyberWeek is an annual cybersecurity conference held for the seventh year in a row at Tel Aviv University and attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Delegations arrive from across the globe, bringing together the world’s leading cyber security experts, industry leaders, innovators, academics, and other government officials for an important week for idea sharing, provocative discussions, learning, and networking.

Oz Mishli introducing MPCTeam8 CISO Delegation Workshop

It was a pleasure meeting and presenting a delegation of 45 CISOs from major companies, and across various sectors, from around the world. Our VP of Products, Oz Mishli, gave a 20 minute talk entitled, MPC – From Backstage to Center Stage where he introduced Multiparty Computation and explained why it has suddenly emerged as a powerful, game-changing technology being used in more and more security and privacy applications.

Co-Hosting a Networking Reception with UK Israel Tech Hub and Barclay’s RISE

Dyadic CEO Avner Mor Speaks at the reception
Unbound CEO, Avner Mor, speaks at the reception

After a week of keynotes, sessions, roundtables, and 1:1 events, sometimes you just need to relax a bit with a drink while gazing at the Med. We were delighted to provide a few hundred Cyber Week delegates with just that opportunity, as we co-hosted a networking reception on the lovely rooftop of Barclay’s Rise in Tel Aviv in association with the UK-Israel Tech Hub. We hosted guests from Israel, UK and even more countries for an enjoyable evening among friends and colleagues.


Key takeaways from Cyber Week 2017

  • We’re in the right place: Israel has quickly become one of leading nations in cyber security and cyber warfare. Realizing the nature of the threat and benefits of investing in this field, we are very gratified to be a leading organization in this area!
  • It’s the right time: The amount of interest in Unbound’s core innovation “virtual hsm” was overwhelming. As the privacy and security in the cloud has become significantly essential to enterprises, the interest in our solution is increasing more and more
  • In the end, it’s all about the people: We are proud that so many members our team were able to join the effort intro Unbound to a larger audience and spread the word of Unbound virtual hsm successfully


Unbound applies revolutionary breakthroughs in mathematics to decouple trust from physical infrastructure. Trust is now everywhere, creating a new virtual infrastructure where digital applications are built, secured and scaled with unimaginable ease.

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