Unbound’s Digital Asset and Blockchain
Security Platform

The only FIPS 140 L2 certified Multi-Party-computation (MPC) security platform for digital assets.

Secure Like It’s Cold. Transact Like It’s Hot. With Unbound’s Crypto Asset
Security Platform (CASP) you can define multi-party risk-based approval policies that
adhere to local regulations, can integrate HSMs and offline signers into one
MPC based platform.

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The Institutional
Standard for Digital
Asset Security

A FIPS 140 L2 certified software solution that eliminates this single point of failure of public-key cryptography by giving you a secure, distributed way to sign transactions while managing all your digital assets. With Unbound CASP, institutional investors don’t have to choose between regulatory adherence, peace of mind, and asset productivity.

How can CASP help?

Connected and Disconnected Wallets in One Platform
One comprehensive system that safeguards digital assets in both ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ vaults, while using MPC-based workflows and approval policies to secure the transfers between the two types of vaults.
Cryptographically Validated, Risk Based Policies
CASP supports any approval-policy structuring and any (unlimited) number of cryptographically validated signers . That’s true multi-party computation.
Validated by Enterprise Grade, Risk Averse Customers
Deployed by enterprise grade, risk averse institutions, that are taking CASP through extensive vulnerabilities testing and periodic pen testing.

Key Features

CASP Deployment


• Keys exist as shares – no single point of failure
• Key material is never exposed
• Enforce multi-party quorum approval for transactions
• Breach = compromising multiple parties simultaneously

• Keys exist as shares – no single point of failure
• Hot, warm and cold vaults in one environment
• HSM as an integral part of the architecture
Cold signers as part of the architecture.

• Keys exist as shares – no single point of failure
• Key material is never exposed
• Each vault can have different ‘Risk Based Policies’
• Each policy can have multiple signers and will be activated according to the risk level.
• Risk level is set by the combination of the asset type, the amount, the day in the week and the time of day.

Technical Specifications

CryptographyOpen Source LibraryFull Platform
ECDSA Two-Party MPC Protocol morecheckcheck
EdDSA Two-Party MPC Protocol morecheckcheck
Zero Knowledge Backup morecheckcheck
HD Wallet (BIP 32/44) MPC Protocols more checkcheck
Proactive Security morecheckcheck
Cryptography API morecheckcheck
ECDSA N-Party MPC Protocol moreclosecheck
EdDSA N-Party MPC Protocol moreclosecheck
Transaction ParticipantsOpen Source LibraryFull Platform
Server-Side SDK (Linux) more checkcheck
iOS Client SDK morecheckcheck
Android Client SDK morecheckcheck
Web JS Client SDK morecheckcheck
Biometric authentication and authorization more check
Leveraging secure hardware as additional security layer more check
Core Security PlatformOpen Source LibraryFull Platform
High Level Platform API more check
Platform Management more check
High Availability and Elasticity more check
Platform ServicesOpen Source LibraryFull Platform
Headquarter Enrolls Vault Participants morecheck
Accounts and Vaults morecheck
Quorum Structure more check
Cryptographically Verified Risk-based Policy Support morecheck
Batch Transactions morecheck
Headquarter Deactivates Participants morecheck
Global Admin Quorum more check
Advanced Vault Operations morecheck
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Unbound Crypto Asset Security Platform (CASP) Integrations

We’ve partnered with the leading technology companies to bring
even more control and visibility into your cryptographic arsenal.

CASP integrates with BlockCypher for MPC-based node management.
Unbound integrates with BRD's Blockset wallet for MPC-based node management.
Unbound CASP integrates with CipherTrace's anti-money laundering (AML) and compliance platform to provide seamless and proactive support of an approval policy.
Hyperledger Fabric
CASP may be integrated into Hyperledger Fabric for enterprise blockchain use cases.
IBM LinuxOne
Unbound integrates with IBM's LinuxOne system's hardware-based enclaves to run signing bots and protects backup keys using LinuxOne's FIPS 140-2 Level-4 certified Hardware Security Module (HSM).
CASP integrates with Infura for MPC-based node management.

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