Key takeaways from CeBIT 2016

March 2016 has meant a whirlwind of travel for the Dyadic team. Our CEO, Avner Mor, started the month in San Francisco, spent the middle of the month in Hannover, Germany and is closing out the month in The Hague, Netherlands. As this was our first year exhibiting at CeBIT, we asked Avner to give us his impressions.  Read his interesting observations below:

The first thing that caught my eyes at the CeBIT expo was the design – clean, open and calm colors. It was so different from the RSA Conference we attended a week before in San Francisco. The American’s definitely have something to learn about expo design from the Europeans.

As a SME Instrument Phase II champion, Dyadic Security was  invited to present at the EU Startup Europe Pavilion at Scale11. There was a dozen of us at the pavilion and we each received our own stand (well-designed one). It was a great way for us to get to meet other SME Instrument champions and learn out our colleagues’ startups such as Off-La, a breakthrough mobile payment wallet, and Uniti who entertained the crowd with a VR experience of their ingenious electric car. We shared our experience and challenges. Startup is not only business and innovation, it is a mental state that calls for resiliency and being tenacious, so from time to time it is  great to chat with “creatures” like yourself that exchanged the comfort of the corporate life with the ideals of a “let’s change the world startup environment.”



In the startup life, once one has finally crosses the barriers of vetting their deep technology, coming up with good solution for a real need, receiving the much needed funding and of course building a top-tier dedicated team – you start to wonder, “How can I let the world know about my existence?” For Dyadic, we found that the EU Startup Europe pavilion at CeBIT was perfect place for that. We met with many potential customers and investors and even had some dedicate meetings with large corporations who are now exploring OEM possibilities with us. In just four days, we were able to conducted more than 20 qualified meetings – a real gift for an early stage company looking to share our disruptive message to the cyber security world. The SME Instrument staff worked tirelessly to help us gain exposure through though guided tours, a well-planned B2B meetings matching called FutureMatch and also by put us on the stage to present our solutions to relevant audience. We also were honored to personally meet and chat with Günther H. Oettinger, the EU Commissioner.

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All these meetings were encouraging. Dyadic’s disruptive vHSM technology and solution messaging was well-accepted. We received a validation of our belief that there is real value in providing security through software-only products while preserving the same security level as hardware.

It was really exciting for us when some CeBIT attendees who had been casually walking through the pavilion stopped in front of our stand and started reading our banners. Open-jawed they turned to us and said with real shock, “You are exactly the solution I’m looking for!”

What a great gift from Horizon 2020 to give us SME Instrument champions the opportunity to attend CeBIT. A real success on many fronts!




Wondering what’s so different about Dyadic vHSM and why we were so well-received at CeBIT? In short, we protect crypto secrets, known as Keys. Dyadic randomly splits keys and distributes them between multiple servers, and the split is continuously refreshed to ensure that there is never a single location where the key can be compromised. These Keys are everywhere. They are used for login, transactions, digital signing and protecting data. The challenge today is how to protect these Keys in a mobile device – which are more vulnerable to be stolen or cloned. Dyadic is able to do just that using software-only virtual hardware security module (vHSM) that can be deployed on any device. No need for extra hardware which is typically a nuisance both for the end-user and for the businesses logistics and operations teams.  Sounds pretty simple, but this software is built with some heavy duty mathematical principals called MPC. And two of the world’s leading MPC experts, Professor Nigel Smart and Professor Yehuda Lindell are our co-founders!



Unbound applies revolutionary breakthroughs in mathematics to decouple trust from physical infrastructure. Trust is now everywhere, creating a new virtual infrastructure where digital applications are built, secured and scaled with unimaginable ease.

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