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Custody Trends And Considerations For The Post Covid Days – Are you Ready?

Rebecca Aspler, Director of Product Management, discusses how blockchain-based assets are showing more promise than ever despite financial services sector suffering setbacks due to the current global pandemic.


Contact Tracing and Privacy

To better understand the privacy issues that are relevant to contact tracing, Brilliance Security Magazine spoke with Professor Nigel Smart, Unbound Tech co-founder, about two competing contact tracing ideologies. One side promoting a centralized method (PEPP-PT) and the other a decentralized system (DP-3T). In the end, the issue comes down to privacy.


14 Tech Pros Predict The ‘Next Big Thing’ In Cybersecurity And Encryption

“This is an exciting time for cryptography. Secure multiparty computation (MPC) replaces dated hardware, realizing operational agility and cost-effectiveness, and is a natural fit for cloud. MPC eliminates single points of failure, and is synergetic with cybersecurity technologies, improving authentication, insider threat mitigation and key management while driving innovation,” said Prof. Yehuda Lindell.


Heat maps and surveillance temptations

David Bittner of The Cyberwire and Prof. Yehuda Lindell discuss government requests for data and what that means for organizations. “We’ve seen multiple cases of breaches where someone isn’t necessarily going after me, but I get caught up in another – a different megabreach,” said Prof. Yehuda Lindell.


E-Crypto News Interviews Jason Stone Of KeyFi And Alex Rabke Of Unbound Tech

E-Crypto News reached out to both organizations to Unbound and KeyFi to discuss how MPC is redefining key management in the cryptospace.


Can MPC — Multi Party Computation — disrupt encryption, boost cloud commerce?

Byron Acohido  interviews Prof. Nigel Smart on how Unbound uses MPC technology to solve the problem of private key protection and key management via a “virtual Hardware Security Module” as opposed to the traditional method of using physical infrastructure.

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