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Liquid Cryptocurrency Exchange Uses Unbound CASP to Improve Security, Speed

“Although the new system [Unbound’s CASP] has only been in place a short time, Melamed said the results are striking. Almost all withdrawals are now securely processed in less than five minutes, and people are not complaining about withdrawal times anymore.”


Poloniex endangers users’ privacy after partial revelation of email IDs

On the breach, Oz Mishli, VP of Products at Unbound Tech, said that one of the risks posed by email ID leaks is that fraudsters would attempt to access the victims accounts, “mainly by using compromised password DBs from past breaches (and relying on password reuse by the victim across different services).”


Confidential computing promises secure cloud apps

Both Prof. Yehuda Lindell and Prof. Nigel Smart discussed confidential computing techniques to safely process sensitive data, their pros & cons and how they can impact businesses.


The Future Of Blockchain Technology In 2020 (Exclusive)

Rebecca Aspler, Unbound’s Director of Product, Blockchain said about the future of blockchain technology to E-Crypto News: “I believe that 2020 will continue the movement of enterprises from blockchain exploration and proof of concepts into consortium-based, production-based systems.”


2020 Predictions: Technology

Prof. Yehuda Lindell was quoted in “2020 Predictions: Technology” in SC Magazine: “New methods of protection will continue to grow as blockchain/cryptocurrency becomes an increasingly attractive crime target.”



Op-Ed: Quantum Computing & Crypto Agility

Prof. Yehuda Lindell discusses quantum computing and the need for crypto agility: “Crypto-agility is a good investment. Cryptosystems, key sizes, modes of operation and more change over time. This is a fact of life and will not change.”

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