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Q&A: Fortune 500s are turning to academics for cybersecurity

Fortune 500 companies are fighting huge security and privacy hurdles by harnessing ‘super radical math’ developed by cryptography expert Professor Nigel Smart. Prof. Smart explains his approach and how it can help.


Enveil and Unbound Tech unleash data security triad

Together, by securing data-at-rest, data-in-transit, as well as data-in-use, Enveil and Unbound Tech will offer enterprise clients what it calls “the Data Security Triad” for cybersecurity protection, reports David Penn at Finovate.


Enveil, Unbound Tech Bring Data Security Triad to the Enterprise

Unbound Tech and Enveil, two award-winning security innovators, today announced a partnership to provide enterprise customers with cutting-edge security capabilities in the global marketplace. The Enveil-Unbound collaboration provides unmatched protection for sensitive data at-Rest, in-Transit, and in-Use, completing the Data Security Triad.


Podcast: Applying Secure Multiparty Computation Technology

In an interview with Bank Info Security, Unbound Tech’s Prof. Yehuda Lindell says that secure multiparty computation technology enables users to carry out computation on private data while it remains encrypted, and one of the main applications is for protecting cryptographic keys.


Ever–growing need for privacy results in a boom for multi-party computing adoption

Unbound Tech’s Prof. Nigel Smart writes about securing data at rest, data in transit– and new methodologies to secure data in processing.


Unbound Releases Open Source Blockchain-Crypto-mpc Library for Blockchain Developers

Unbound’s blockchain-crypto-mpc library is available as open source on Git Hub. It’s an open source library for blockchain and crypto assets that protects cryptographic keys using the company’s MPC-based technology used by the Fortune 500.

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