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How Cryptographic Keys Development Will Drive Digital Asset Adoption

Prof. Nigel Smart discusses several encryption key management standards and their development will be the next step in digital currency’s mass adoption.


How Big Is The Role Of Digital Asset Custodians In Enterprise Adoption?

Rebecca Aspler, Director of Product Management, “hopes that the use of MPC would lead to higher custody security as this technology distributes private keys and transaction approval, validation, and signing, among multiple approvers – including offline participation and bots. This allows custodians and exchanges to predefine transaction approval policies, and to improve their operational efficiency.”


Secure Encryption Key Management Modules, Explained by Prof. Nigel Smart

Prof. Nigel Smart explains why protecting cryptographic keys is critical, what are HSMs, the difference between multi-sig and MPC and what this all means for the cryptospace.


From Single Key to Sophisticated Computation: The Evolution of Crypto Exchange Custody

The next major breakthrough in exchange custody came in the form of multi-party computation, popularized by tech developers such as Unbound Tech. The firm’s Crypto Asset Security Platform is designed to strike a balance between security and usability, and comes with the invocation to “aecure like it’s cold, transact like it’s hot.”


Unbound Tech Fortifies Digital Assets Custody With Enhanced Key Management Platform

By upgrading its Crypto Asset Security Platform (CASP), Unbound hopes to introduce a new standard for custodians and exchanges. The solution utilizes secure multi-party computation (SMPC) to safeguard private keys and transactions, meaning even hot wallets in regular use benefit from cold storage-style security.


Unbound Tech Launches Upgraded Crypto Asset Security Platform

Crypto security just took another step forward with the news that Unbound Tech has launched the second version of its Crypto Asset Security Platform (CASP).  CASP uses cutting-edge, multi-party computation to secure private keys and crypto assets against any attackers, whether they’re external or operating from within the company.

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