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Security researchers prepare for the ‘New normal’ post-CISA

Security researchers are preparing for the new normal that they will soon face in light of the cybersecurity legislation that was signed by President Obama last week. Now, researchers are bracing for the new challenge that an environment of automated information sharing would bring to an already challenging role.


Cybersecurity Checklist for Online Retailers This Holiday Season

Dyadic CEO offers an invaluable security checklist to retailers to help promote a safe and confident shopping experience for their consumers and to preserve revenue and reputation for their brands.


Librarians join privacy groups, as industry sources react to cybersecurity draft

Yehuda Lindell, Dyadic Security co-founder and chief scientist, warned about the prospect of government backdoors and de-encrypting technologies. He warned that once back doors are created for use by government authorities, it is much easier for hackers to access sensitive information by hacking the key to back doors.


Crytographic Key Reuse Exposed, Leaving Users at Risk

Using hardcoded private keys is a security disaster, according to Dr. Yehuda Lindell, co-founder and chief scientist at Dyadic. Lindell sees a number of reasons why the private keys may have been left exposed and reused by multiple vendors.


SC Magazine EBook on Application Security

Irene Abezgauz, product vice president at Dyadic, a New York-based firm which offers a software-only solution for protecting organizational secrets, agrees that all these challenges make protection of enterprise applications “a complex task.” Code that was tested for security today will be changed by next week or the next day, she says, so there’s a great need for ongoing security testing to constantly maintain a high level of security. In addition, with the growing lack of a network perimeter, the differentiation between friend and foe becomes much harder to identify, Abezguaz says.


Microsoft CEO Nadella unleashes security-first initiative

Dyadic Security co-founder and chief scientist Yehuda Lindell told that Microsoft’s security capabilities have “without a doubt” improved significantly in recent years.

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