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Report: 3.5 Million HTTPS Servers Vulnerable to DROWN

DROWN is a serious attack, but it can be prevented quite easily using measures that were recommended to server operators and system administrators a long time ago, according to Yehuda Lindell, chief scientist at Dyadic. That involves disabling SSLv2 and even SSL v3.


What you need to know about Apple’s fight with the FBI

Cryptography researcher Dr. Yehuda Lindell also believes it’s possible to get into the phone, but it could be expensive and leave Apple open to security risks. “It may also involve finding new flaws to exploit in the current system,” he told Engadget. “The problem is that once this is done, then it can be used again. In actuality, the mere knowledge that it was done will make it easier for others to find out how,” he added.


Apple could break into its iPhones in an afternoon, say experts

Cryptography expert and co-founder of Dyadic Security, Yehuda Lindell, speaks to USA Today on the how long it would take the FBI to crack a password if the self-destruct mechanism were disabled, “If it were four digits, that’s about 10,000 possibilities and you only need seconds to get in. If it’s six digits, which is one million possible combinations, maybe it’s a few minutes.”


4 Essential Startup Steps You Shouldn’t Overlook

Entrepreneurship is one of the most rewarding career choices you can make, but it’s also one of the most difficult. Dyadic CEO, Avner Mor, shares insights to help would-be entrepreneurs stay on the right path.


Want to solve GCHQ’s Christmas puzzle? Team up

Dyadic co-founder, Dr. Nigel Smart, talks about the GCHQ puzzle was a way to raise the profile of the agency’s cybersecurity work while trying to recruit new cryptological minds.


Think You’re More Secure than Instagram?

A Cyber Security Q&A with Dyadic Chief Scientist Yehuda Lindell. IT Briefcase sat down with Dr. Yehuda Lindellto focus on two of Instagram’s recently reported vulnerabilities that can be found in nearly every company today.

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