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Keeping Our Data Safe: the Role of Multiparty Computation

How can we use such data while still respecting people’s privacy? Three ERC funded researchers, including Unbound Tech’s Yehuda Lindell and Nigel Smart are exploring how multiparty computation can work to access the contents of different databases without having to compromise privacy.


Unbound Tech Wins Prime Minister’s Award for Israeli Innovation

Unbound Tech is one of three winners of the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for Israeli Innovation for its work on cybersecurity technology that protects cryptographic keys and passwords.


Avner Mor, CEO & Co-Founder of Unbound, at Hong Kong Fintech Week

HKFintechWeek 2018 brings you this sentence, “a trust platform for secrets.” Now that sounds like something. Unbound’s CEO Avner Mor tells you how the company provides that platform.


Unbound Launches First MPC-Based Crypto Asset Security Platform That Cures the Crypto Custody Problem

Unbound introduces the first bank-level security platform for crypto assets. The blockchain key management solution leverages Unbound’s Distributed Trust Platform to create and use fragmented private keys without ever unifying them – delivering utmost security, speed and customer experience.


Prof. Yehuda Lindell on the Cyberwire Podcast

Prof. Yehuda Lindell speaks to the Cyberwire Podcast on the Foreshadow vulnerability.


Foreshadow, SGX & the Failure of Trusted Execution

Prof. Yehuda Lindell’s article on challenges of trust in today’s computing environments and how to address them was featured in Dark Reading. He delves into new vulnerabilities: “Trusted execution environments are said to provide a hardware-protected enclave that runs soft ware and cannot be accessed externally, but recent developments show they fall far short.”

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