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Google Cloud gets new security smarts across data encryption, network security, and more

Customers can now manage their cryptographic keys for services hosted on Google’s cloud with external vendors such as Unbound Tech.


Quantum Computing: Challenges, Trends and the Road Ahead

“I personally believe that this is many years away. I will say at least a decade, but I think it will be more like two decades at least. I also want to stress that this is still an “if” and not a “when,” said Prof. Yehuda Lindell [responding to the question when quantum computers will be able to break cryptography].


Crypto-Agility – The Only Way to Deploy Cryptography!, by Prof. Yehuda Lindell for Block Tribune

If we are not crypto-agile, and our platforms are tightly bound to the way a specific currency works, from its ledger structure to the details of its digital signature scheme, then making changes to add new currencies and update existing currencies will be painful and slow. Crypto-agility is essential in this market, in exactly the same way that it is essential in the enterprise security space.


6 Questions: One-On-One With Professor Yehuda Lindell (Exclusive)

Recently at E-Crypto News we reached out to Professor Yehuda Lindell who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Unbound Tech which is a cryptographic security company based in the USA and Israel on issues surrounding security in the cryptospace. Here is what he had to say.


Q&A with Prof. Yehuda Lindell: Protecting Digital Assets with Mathematics, Digital Journal

Today’s digital businesses require a new kind of trust paradigm. As physical and virtual worlds intersect, there is a growing number of security and privacy challenges. Unbound Tech is offering a new form of security and privacy.


MPC Alliance launches to further multi-party computation message

Of the 14 founding members, three companies are co-leading the project: Sepior, Unbound Tech, and ZenGo. All three companies focus on cryptographic systems with MPC at the centre. Speaking at an event in April, Guy Pe’er, co-founder and CTO at Unbound Tech, explained how multi-party computation is used as a pivotal solution for blockchain key management.

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