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MPC Alliance aims to elevate security and privacy of online services

“And, it’s not just about improving security in legacy settings,” said Yehuda Lindell, co-founder and chief executive officer of Unbound Tech, and professor at Bar Ilan University. “It’s about unleashing service innovation through new security and privacy paradigms that are better aligned with today’s more distributed and increasingly collaborative services. Such services can provide more compelling user experiences and operational efficiencies with distributed trust.”


The MPC Alliance forms to elevate security and privacy of blockchain services

The MPC Alliance was envisioned and initiated by Sepior, Unbound, and ZenGo. Alliance members represent a mix of developers of MPC-based products, and practitioners MPC-enhanced services. They share a belief that MPC materially enhances the security and privacy of online services and that accelerating adoption will benefit the industry at large.


Multi-party Computation Alliance founded for digital privacy, security

Revealed at today’s Blockchain Expo in Santa Clara, the US, it aims to encourage MPC adoption and explore new solutions for online services.


Understanding the Ripple Effect: Large Enterprise Data Breaches Threaten Everyone, Threatpost

“Large enterprises and Fortune 500s tend to have a unique risk profile in many aspects,” said Oz Mishli, security researcher at Unbound Tech, speaking to Threatpost. “


Unbound Tech: People Exposed in BitMEX Crypto Exchange Email Leak “Remain at High Risk for Exploitation”

“Software-defined cryptography firm” Unbound Tech says that parties exposed in last week’s email debacle at BitMEX, and the exchange itself, “remain at high risk for exploitation through a variety of approaches.”


Unbound Partners with Cryptosense

Unbound Tech, a global leader in software-defined cryptography, today announced a new partnership with Cryptosense, the leading supplier of security analysis software for cryptography, to further verify the security of its virtual HSM.

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