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GCP Touts New “Lock Google Out” Encryption Offerings

External Key Manager lets users encrypt data in the cloud provider’s BigQuery and Compute Engine, with encryption keys stored and managed in a third-party key management system deployed outside Google’s infrastructure. GCP teamed up with key management vendor Unbound Tech to launch the offering.


Google Cloud Toughens Up Encryption, Network Security

External Key Manager allows companies to store and manage encryption keys outside of Google Cloud. Google is working with five management vendors on this effort including Unbound Tech.


Google Cloud Gets New Security Smarts Across Data Encryption

With External Key Manager now on offer, companies will be able to encrypt data from Compute Engine and BigQuery, with keys stored in a third-party key management system. Google said it’s working with vendors such as Unbound Tech for this initiative.


Google dégaine un outil anti-Cloud Act

Les entreprises pourront chiffrées les données de Compute Engine et de BigQuery avec des clés stockées dans un gestionnaire tiers. Pour ce faire, Google collabore avec Unbound.


Google: BigQuery and GCE users get these new controls over sensitive cloud data

Don’t or can’t trust Google with the encryption keys to your sensitive data? Now you can store the keys completely outside Google’s infrastructure. External partners with which customers can use External Key Manager include Unbound Tech.


Google Cloud gets new security smarts across data encryption, network security, and more

Customers can now manage their cryptographic keys for services hosted on Google’s cloud with external vendors such as Unbound Tech.

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