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Unbound Tech Awarded 7th Patent

Unbound Tech was just awarded it’s 7th patent for a two-party MPC protocol for computing the ECDSA signing algorithm with the key split between two parties. Read the full paper, which was presented at the IACR CRYPTO 2017 conference.


Unbound Tech Mentioned in “The New and Upcoming Innovations Happening on Crypto Exchanges Right Now”, Hackernoon

“What [Unbound] is doing is truly ingenious and does away with the hardware needed for cold storage.”


Unbound Named as Gartner “Cool Vendor” for Blockchain Security and Privacy

Unbound Tech has been named a Gartner “Cool Vendor” for Blockchain Security and Privacy in 2019. Gartner profiled Unbound as a vendor which “addresses the difficult issue of blockchain application key management using MPC supporting multiparty transaction signoff.”


Unbound Featured in “An Advance in Cryptographic Key Management,” Journal of Cyber Policy

“Managing workloads in hybrid public/private environments is challenging, especially when you are using dedicated hardware to secure and manage crypto keys,” explains Prof. Yehuda Lindell, Unbound CEO & co-founder. This scenario translates into having different key management systems and different levels of trust interacting with dedicated hardware in multiple locations. Solving this problem was easy in theory, but extremely complicated in practice.


Cryptography & the Hype Over Quantum Computing, by Prof. Yehuda Lindell, Dark Reading

It’s not time to move to post-quantum cryptography yet — too many things are still up in the air. But you can start to become prepared by making sure your infrastructure is agile.


Code Signing: A New Attack Vector With Growing Popularity, by Prof. Yehuda Lindell, Forbes

Prof. Yehuda Lindell, Unbound CEO & co-founder, talks about the importance of secure code signing, and often underestimated facet of writing and deploying any kind of software/firmware.


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