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The unbound technology is agnostic – able to run over any platform and cloud provider. With exclusive benefits and insights, Unbound’s technology partners are equipped to better serve the customers and growing the business.

Technology partners leverage the collaboration with Unbound’s solutions based on the ground-breaking technology and further differentiate your organization from the competition.

Discover how multinational technology and industry-leading organizations partner together with Unbounds multi-party computation (MPC) technology to deliver complete solutions with advanced security, optimized performance and experience. For the first time, security minded organizations, both on site and in the cloud environments, can control, manage, and protect secrets across any distributed infrastructure from a single pane of glass.

Unbound is committed to the strong relationship with its technical partners in giving their customers a robust network of security solutions without the complexity of having to manage multiple suppliers and service interfaces. The end user gets the full benefits of premium technology and support levels at the most economical rates, so that our technology partners can succeed doing what they do best.

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Partner program benefits:

Blue Key
Partner Concierge
A Dedicated Account Manager & Sales Engineer to be there whenever needed. We work together to ensure customer success and achieve strategic growth.
Blue Sales Enab2
Sales Enablement
Take advantage of competitive analysis and research, advance product information, business planning & consulting, sales kits and other materials that aim to increase business revenue.
Blue Marketing
Marketing Opportunities
Awareness building with joint marketing activities, from social media, networking events & webinars, press releases, and united content. Along with partner certifications for sales and technical teams.
Blue Tech Support2
Technical Support
24/7/365 technical support, online technical training, access to partner technical Knowledge Base, full documentation for each product line and use cases.

Trusted by Companies Just Like Yours

"Partnering with innovative leaders like Unbound Tech allows us to push beyond current technology limitations to provide integrated solutions that truly represent the market-rattling, leading-edge in data security."
  • Ellison Anne Williams founder and CEO of Enveil
"Working with Unbound we have successfully enabled secure cryptocurrency withdrawals in minutes, leveraging MPC technology to validate transactions according to advanced security policies in a quick and efficient manner. The robust, tested, and vetted technology delivered by Unbound, coupled with high responsiveness and professionalism of the team, helped us go to market quickly. "
  • Seth Melamed Chief Operating Officer
"The value of Unbound’s service is in the virtualization of the code signing solution while maintaining security, the ability to centrally manage a global distribution of services, and the ability to host the solution internally so that unsigned code does not leave our environment. It is through leveraging these benefits that we are able to provide a global solution to our software development team."
  • Shawn M. Hubbard Director of IT Operations, Mitek Residential North America
"A software based key management solution is something which has long been desired yet never seemed realistic. Now it’s finally here. Having the ability to manage keys using a software-based solution with elasticity is truly an engineer’s dream come true. Unbound’s solution is particularly amazing with its breadth of features, and its ability to integrate with different technologies that we are already using."
  • Anonymous Application Security Engineer | Finance Industry
"As a digital asset exchange targeted at institutions, it was vital that we could offer the very best and most secure solution for storing clients’ wallets and keys. "
  • Graham Rodford CEO | Archax