Are Your Digital Assets Protected in a Zero Trust Environment?

Check out Unbound’s newest video on how to protect the cryptographic keys that protect your valuable digital assets. With your crypto keys at the core of your security infrastructure, it is critical to ensure that they are always protected at any given time. Our video explains how Unbound completely eliminates the single point of compromise, ensuring keys and secrets are never kept whole, in a method mathematically proven to be impossible to a breach or hack of any single location.

How to protect your valuable digital assets in a zero trust environment?

Unbound’s FIPS 140-2 Levels 1 & 2 validated Distributed Trust Platform applies revolutionary breakthroughs in Multi-Party Computation mathematics to allow secrets such as keys to be used without ever being exposed, ensuring your assets safety, anytime, anywhere! Unbound enables a new model of trust that eliminates completely the single point of compromise of your most sensitive assets by splitting keys into multiple, random shares placed on different machines. These shares never get united, even when they are in use! Providing you a unique ability to control how your keys are accessed and used, as you define where the shares are located, any combination is possible. Evolve and expand in today’s digital ecosystem with Unbound’s key management solutions, already used by Fortune 500 companies to gain new levels of control, velocity, and new possibilities for innovation.



Liron Mendel

Liron Mendel

Digital Marketer, With 10 years of experience helping companies grow their digital presence.

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