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Digital Assets in Capital Markets: The Challenge of Safe Custody

Unbound Tech & Archax present "Digital Assets in Capital Markets: The Challenge of Safe Custody"


Tokenising traditional assets is particularly interesting in the post-trade space, as blockchain can remove friction and middlemen, whilst streamlining processes, improving efficiency and reducing costs – and delivering the potential of real-time, instantaneous settlement.

But with digitisation on blockchain comes certain challenges too – particularly around custody, where there have been numerous well-reported security breaches of crypto exchanges, with keys and assets stolen.

At this invite-only event, Professor Yehuda Lindell, CEO & Co-founder of Unbound Tech, explored the limitations of current hot and cold wallet custody solutions, as well as explain how the latest revolutionary breakthroughs in mathematics around Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) can allow keys to be secured without ever being exposed, thus ensuring digital assets are safe – anytime, anywhere.

Used by established players, as well as by innovative start-ups such as Archax, for its forthcoming institutional digital asset exchange – Unbound’s SMPC solution frees you from the burden of hardware, whilst delivering better security.

Key areas that covered at this event include:

  • Why safe crypto custody has been such an issue historically
  • The limitations of current hot/warm wallet solutions
  • Cold storage – safe, but impractical