Institutional-Grade Custody: Security Considerations for Digital Assets

The incorporation of digital assets into the mainstream financial services industry (FIS) presents unique challenges

More than simply adopting a new type of asset into the market, digital asset adoption represents the fusion of two distinct and different worlds: the conservative, traditional, bureaucratic financial sector; and the iconoclastic, ever-changing, cutting-edge world of digital assets, tokenized assets, and cryptocurrencies.

Digital Asset Differentiators

The evolution to dematerialized (fiat) securities and electronic book-entry settlements has expanded custodians’ role to include not only physical asset protection but also secure management of digital records – and catapulted them into the world of cybersecurity best practices and IT infrastructure.

In this eBook, we’ll discuss:

  • What makes securing digital and blockchain-based assets so difficult to secure
  • The difference between full, partial & self-custody, and it’s implications for protecting and managing private keys
  • Regulations including account-based vault support, segregation of authorities & tamper-proof auditing
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