Introducing Unbound Crypto Assets Security Platform

Cryptocurrency is now officially mainstream, with total market capital of cryptocurrencies rising over 5000% during the last year, to an astonishing value nearing 1 trillion dollars. This fantastic growth drives a lot of new entrants into the cryptocurrency arena,

However, offering cryptocurrency-based services introduces security and compliance concerns, especially in highly regulated industries like financial services.

In this webinar, we will cover the major considerations and risks to be taken into account when building a cryptocurrency service like a wallet, an exchange, trade platform or a custody. We will then follow with introduction and a live demo of Unbound’s  Crypto Asset Services Platform, designed with the strictest security and compliance requirements of globally leading financial institutions.

What attendees will learn:

  • The main types of cryptocurrency services – wallets, exchanges, custodian and trade platforms
  • What are the risks and concerns in offering a cryptocurrency service?
  • Introducing Unbound Crypto Asset Security Platform and how it can be used to secure cryptocurrency services


Oz Mishli
VP of Products
Oz is a cybersecurity expert, specializing in malware research and fraud prevention. He’s held both business and tech roles in the industry, and served in an elite intelligence unit in the military.
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