Solution Brief

Hardware Security Module and Virtual Hardware Security Module: A Comparison

The key to business success is to secure data from anywhere, centralized operations management for the business, and a smooth user experience (UX) for clients on-the-go. Do traditional HSMs fit the bill?

Virtualization is a key theme in computing, since the early 2000s.  Virtual machines (VMs) revolutionized the world of servers, significantly improving utilization, reducing cost and saving time.  The cloud took this to the next level and today most resources such as storage, network and compute are offered as virtual resources.

This solution brief examines the place of traditional HSMs considering virtualization and widespread digitization, and whether they:

  • Enable and support business growth
  • Are still the most secure option for a data infrastructure built across multiple services, clouds, and devices
  • Are on par with the demands of operational and management considerations in a device-driven world
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