The Case for Virtualizing Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)


Between a global move toward work-from-anywhere and an ever-increasing proliferation of IoT and IIoT devices, HSM is a wired technology for a wireless world. Now, organizations must encrypt everything, everywhere, all the time.

In this webinar, Unbound Tech’s Chief Business Officer, Michael Hughes, and Co-founder and VP R&D Guy Pe’er, and will discuss:

  • Why hardware-based data protection solutions are slowing teams down
  • What traditional HSMs are, and their advantages and disadvantages in today’s mobile environment
  • The case for a virtual HSM (vHSM) model for enterprise – technical and business considerations


Guy Pe'er popup
Guy Pe'er
VP R&D and co-founder of Unbound Tech
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Michael Hughes
Chief Business Officer at Unbound Tech
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