Securing the Blockchain with Multi-Party Computation

Ever wondered what sets multi-party computation apart as a solution for blockchain key management?

Last month, Unbound Tech’s cofounder and CTO, Guy Pe’er, presented a deep dive into MPC and blockchain for the London Blockchain Technology World conference.

In the talk he explained…

…why blockchain security is different than traditional key management and protection

…challenges with blockchain key management on Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)

…how MPC addresses these challenges

This is a talk you won’t want to miss!

Talya Mizrahi

Talya Mizrahi

Talya is Unbound's Marketing Project Manager. Prior to joining Unbound, she worked in marketing communications, brand management and social media at several tech start-ups. Talya excels at getting things done, period. She has a BA from Northwestern University and a MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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