Secure Manufacturing

Unbound goes beyond the existing perimeter-centric key management models to give you the flexibility to provision keys and other sensitive data with global coverage at any point in the manufacturing flow.

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Traditional HSMs Create Risks and Challenges for Offshore Manufacturing

The intellectual property and valuable data that underpins a manufacturing ecosystem also makes it a prime target for threats related to cyber espionage and cyber terrorism. Unfortunately, sharing this IP and data with untrusted, offshore third-party sites is a necessary part of the manufacturing, causing many manufacturers to turn to HSMs to manage digital identities, authentication and secure crypto-processing. However, implementing these hardware-based perimeter-centric models pose significant risks and challenges in today’s multi-site, hybrid cloud environments.

Among the challenges:

Lack of Control – current provisioning methods expose manufactures to liability and risk for any breach that occurs within their supply chain.

Export of hardware – HSM shipment is a complex, cumbersome process that is subject to strict export laws and customs

Access Control – dedicated hardware must be physically operated and guarded at each site by trusted personnel

Manufacturing Disruption – using HW lengthens the production flow, as many set-up, admin and maintenance tasks are manual and cannot be automated

Fragmented Management – using dedicated HW in separate locations creates key management silos, complicating centralized management & policy enforcement

Key Management Made Simple for Secure Manufacturing

Unbound Key Control (UKC) is the first solution to truly abstract key management, allowing secure management of cryptographic keys on any standard platform including physical/virtual machines and containers. UKC gives manufactures the flexibility to provision keys and other sensitive data at any point in the manufacturing flow. More specifically, a key may be securely provisioned at any point in the manufacturer’s supply chain

No More Shipments & Customs

No dedicated hardware to be shipped, delivered & protected at remote manufacturing sites

Global Protection

Cover all your design and manufacturing centers with a single system – deployed globally with a click of a button

Short TTM

Automated and remote provisioning enables manufacturing without disruption and a rapid time to market


Utmost Security

No need to trust the manufacturing site, immune to any local attack including physical tampering

Secure Manufacturing Made Possible

Various deployment options are available with full flexibility on choosing location of nodes for the UKC cluster, specifically the ability to deploy a key management cluster with global coverage of various multiple sites, which is extremely important for offshore manufacturing

Unbound Key Control (UKC) provides the flexibility to provision keys and other sensitive data at any point in the manufacturing flow. More specifically, a key may be securely provisioned at any point in the manufacturer’s supply chain. In cooperation with their OEM customer, the provisioning of keys may even be pushed downstream to post-production prior to shipping by keeping separate UKC Partner Servers on various sites while retaining full control from the HQ.

Step 1
UKC generates a key that is shared between headquarters and the remote sites

Step 2
Secure manufacturing information is signed by UKC and sent to the remote site

Step 3
Secure manufacturing information is verified by UKC at the remote site

Step 4
UKC signs manufactured components

Secure Manufacturing B

See it in Action

Learn how our Distributed Trust Platform gives you the flexibility to control, protect and provision sensitive data and crypto keys across your global infrastructure.

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