Unbound Distributed Trust Platform

Today, the given premise is that secrets exist somewhere, at least some of the time, in complete form. As a result, a single entity – be it a physical appliance like an HSM, a cloud service, or an IoT device – must be entrusted to protect them.

Unbound changes this reality. We enable a distributed model of trust based on splitting secrets across multiple entities, with a strong yet elastic and agile pure-software platform that protects secrets anywhere, even when the underlying infrastructure is untrusted.


Mathematical Guarantees of Security

Unbound completely eliminates the single point of compromise for your most sensitive assets, ensuring keys and secrets are never kept whole. Unbound implements multi-party computation (MPC) to create and use the fragmented secret without ever unifying it, in a method mathematically proven to be impossible to a breach or hack of any single location.

How Does It Work? Cryptographic Key Management Example

Unbound Distributed Trust Platform generates a split key and keeps refreshing the split. The key exists as two separate random shares stored in different locations. Each random share alone reveals no information whatsoever about the actual key.

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The key’s shares are stored in different machines that are strongly segregated, for example between different clouds, in a hybrid-cloud constellation or between endpoint device and a server, to ensure the utmost security. Key shares are never combined at any point in time: all operations are carried out without ever uniting the key shares.

Unbound secures assets beyond the confines of any single entity or physical machine. It stretches the boundary of traditional security by ensuring a key never exists in the clear throughout its lifecycle – not even when it’s being created or used.

Unbound Distributed Trust Platform Benefits

Completely Eliminate Hardware Dependence

Unbound provides proven protection of secrets at the level of hardware cryptographic modules and beyond, with a FIPS 140-2 Levels 1 & Levels 2 certified pure-software platform.

Gain New Levels of Control

By splitting secrets among multiple entities – for example between a cloud platform and an enterprise-controlled server – enterprises can use secrets anywhere without ever losing control

Accelerate Digital Innovation

Enterprises are free to grow in ways that were not possible before, rapidly delivering digital applications with robust security and privacy built-in

Multi-Party Computation
The Math that Powers Us

Unbound technology delivers the first enterprise-grade applications of Multi-Party Computation (MPC) to ensure superior secret protection, at a level once only possible with hardware.


MPC in a Nutshell

MPC in a Nutshell

Cryptographers first developed Multi-Party Computation in the 1980s as a way to allow mutually distrustful parties to perform a joint computation on their individual inputs without having to reveal their data to one another.


From Theory to Practice: Breaking the Boundaries of Hardware

From Theory to Practice: Breaking the Boundaries of Hardware

Unbound Co-founders Prof. Yehuda Lindell and Prof. Nigel Smart are regarded to be among the world’s top minds in Multi-Party Computation. They created Unbound to capitalize on the strength of MPC and to form disruptive software solutions that pose powerful alternatives to hardware for protecting secrets and enabling trust-contingent scenarios.

Privacy: The Next Leg of the MPC Revolution

Unbound’s ongoing research into Multi-Party Computation is revealing exciting opportunities in the privacy arena, posing scenarios hereto unexplored but that inevitably will prove critical to future technology.

Can MPC process data without decrypting it, making it possible to work entirely in the cloud without losing control of data? Are there new ways MPC can help organizations collaborate and perform joint computations on each of their individual data without revealing it to one another? As the global leader in industry-grade MPC solutions, Unbound is developing the solutions to meet these challenges.

See what leading analysts say about MPC:

MPC-based solutions offer new methods to ensure scalable, private and secure data processing and sharing. 

Break free from the risks and restrictions of protecting digital secrets in an untrusted environment.


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