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Is Your Infrastructure Crypto-Agile?
It should be.

We trust hardware, such as HSMs, for key management because of its undeniable strength in protecting the keys from theft. However, it is becoming harder to ignore hardware’s significant disadvantages, namely that it is very difficult (if not impossible) to update and patch.

Hardware that is deployed today can take many years to be replaced, creating dependencies that are extremely hard and costly to change upon the emergence of new vulnerabilities or threats, such as the ROCA attack on Infineon chips where RSA keys could be broken.

The rigidity of hardware is problematic not only because of bugs, but it also makes it challenging to update crypto algorithms when new use cases are introduced such as cryptocurrency and blockchain. There is growing concern about a potentially not-too-distant future where quantum computers threaten existing crypto infrastructure, driving the urgency for crypto-agile infrastructures to be in place now.

The time has come to unbind ourselves from our dependence on hardware and look instead towards software for an agile approach to protecting our keys and our applications.

A Boundless Future: Built for Today but Ready for Tomorrow

Unbound Key Control (UKC) is a future-ready and crypto-agile key management solution that protects keys with security levels comparable to dedicated hardware, in a software-only form factor. Built for the digital era where new technologies emerge quickly without much warning, Unbound lets you keep pace with the ever-changing threat landscape. Offering a crypto-agile REST API that abstracts the nuances of cryptography implementation from the developer, Unbound lets organizations build their a cryptography infrastructure upon a foundation that can be modified and updated easily, with minimal effort.

Easily-updated software-only crypto infrastructure

Future-ready to address future threats such as Quantum computing

Blockchain ready: key management for leading blockchain crypto schemes

Crypto-agile API that ensures your applications are always secure without code changes

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