Hybrid Cloud Key Management

Deploy hybrid cloud, multi-site key management with Unbound’s hardware-grade software-only solution.

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Managing Keys in Silos Means More Complexity and More Risk

Managing workloads in hybrid on-premises and public and private cloud environments is a challenge—especially when dedicated hardware to secure and manage crypto keys is thrown into the mix. With different cloud service providers and on-premises sites, different key management systems, different levels of trust and dedicated hardware coupled together across multiple geographic locations, organizations are forced to manage keys in silos – creating a fragmented security infrastructure which is insecure, costly and highly inefficient to operate.

Centralized Key Management Across All Sites

Unbound Key Control (UKC) is the first software-only key management and key protection system that delivers hardware-level security guarantees. Unlike traditional software approaches that rely on obfuscation algorithms, whitebox cryptography, or security-by-obscurity techniques, UKC draws its strength from Unbound’s Distributed Trust Platform and is backed by a rigorous security proof.

Abstracted from dedicated hardware, UKC can be deployed across your entire decentralized hybrid cloud and geo-distributed environments without disrupting existing application workflows.You can now use a unified cluster of UKC to securely manage all crypto keys across all sites and across all workloads from one centralized system with a single pane of glass. Keys automatically sync between different sites and workloads to ensure no more key management in silos.

SW-only solution that achieves HW-grade security for cryptographic keys and secrets

Can be deployed on any cloud, on-premises, physical/virtual machines & containers

Single pane of glass for key management across any hybrid and multi-site environment  

Seamless integration with existing HSMs and key management systems

Compatible with all CSPs, no vendor lock-in

How does it work?

A large enterprise was operating security across multiple underlying infrastructures, caused by aggressive M&A activities and infrastructure that was still not fully integrated. The enterprise looked to consolidate key management operations across cloud and on premises, while leveraging its existing investment in an on-prem HSM. Unbound Key Control has unified the disparate key management systems into a central managed platform that delivered the highest level of security.

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A large manufacturing company with headquarters in the U.S. and production plants distributed across several countries in Asia struggled with controlling the security of keys in off-shore facilities. Unbound Key Control creates an abstracted key management layer to protect and manage crypto-keys across all facilities and all geographies.

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