Watch: Preventing Fraudulent Key Usage with MPC and Threshold ECDSA

“Because of the nature of the beast, [a crypto transfer is] an irreversible operation.  I don’t need to steal the key; I just need to use it once and I get absolutely everything.” 

Our CEO and co-founder, Professor Yehuda Lindell, broke down the security aspects of digital asset protection and custody last month, speaking in front of a large audience at our 2019 Crypto Breakfast.  

In his talk, “Achieving Comprehensive Cryptocurrency (Digital Asset) Protection with MPC and Threshold ECDSA,” Prof. Lindell…  

… explained the unique issues facing digital asset vs. fiat transactions, esp. vis-à-vis fraudulent transactions and backup keys  

… explored the potential of multi-party computation (MPC) technology as a blockchain key management and digital asset protection platform – not only secure blockchain keys physically, but to prevent fraudulent key usage 

… took a deep dive into threshold protocol and quorum authorization systems  

Enjoy the full talk above – or, click here to learn more about our blockchain key management solution and crypto asset security platform 

Talya Mizrahi

Talya Mizrahi

Talya is Unbound's Marketing Project Manager. Prior to joining Unbound, she worked in marketing communications, brand management and social media at several tech start-ups. Talya excels at getting things done, period. She has a BA from Northwestern University and a MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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